Our Story

G. Wilson Duncan, my father, came to Oklahoma State University in 1938 as a junior in accounting. He and my mother, Daisy, had just married and Stillwater became their home. After graduating in 1939, my father became a partner in an accounting firm which he later bought. He served people in this occupation until he was 90 years old, and retired. However, along the way he had several clients that grew older and wanted to be relieved of the responsibility of home up keep and meal preparation.

At that time, the choices were to go live with your children, find someone to stay with you or move to a nursing facility. G. Wilson thought there ought to be an in-between solution and he began to prepare to make that happen.

He purchased the land at auction, stating that it was centrally located and just right for what he had in mind, a senior living apartment complex. He envisioned it being a place where people could live in community but maintain their independence. Two meals a day would be provided and light housekeeping to lend a hand.

He hired an architect to draw up plans for his dream coming true. He wanted skylights in the hallways and lots of windows in the lobby so residents could enjoy natural light year-round. He thought it was important to not feel closed in. Construction began in 1986 and The Villa was opened in September 1987.

My mother and father packed their bags and moved into one of the apartments themselves to get things going. Mother was the first cook and that was doing what she loved. Dad handled the business end and I, their daughter, was the first housekeeper and flower bed custodian.

However, my mother and father liked doing this so much, they never went back home. The made The Villa their home. Other individuals were hired but my parents were always a part of the running. I gradually began to assume responsibility of overseeing things. I later inherited ownership from my parents; thus, a family business that continues, desiring to provide a caring environment where seniors can dwell with dignity, warmth and safety.

Pat Akers, Owner


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, after visiting several facilities in Stillwater, The Villa is my home of choice when the time comes. This is because of your welcoming me and making me feel at home.

Nellie Perry


I have wonderful thoughts and memories of you all. My mom was so happy living there. I never heard her complain about anything because you all were caring and genuinely concerned about your residents. When there were concerns, they were taken care of in a timely way. I will always be grateful for your attentiveness to my mom.

Larry & Kathy Henson


I love living here at The Villa! It is the best place for me at this time of my life. The atmosphere is homey, and the people here are kind and caring.

Lela Shoup


The Villa has just been a wonderful place for Mom and I sing your praises all of the time!

Kay Murphy


We will never forget you and treasure your care for our precious mother with our last breath.

Ann Decker & Mary Keleman