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Image by D. Jameson RAGE


Rates include cable television, utilities and two meals a day per person.

Apartment, Square, Footage, Monthly Rate:

Efficiency 400 sq. ft. $1,595.00

Efficiency Handicap 455 sq. ft.$1,695.00

Efficiency, with deck 400 sq. ft.$1,665.00  

One Bedroom 506 sq. ft.$1,930.00

One Bedroom Suite 525 sq. ft.$1,995.00

One Bedroom, Kitchenette, with deck 506 sq. ft.$1995.00

One Bedroom Handicap 540 sq. ft.$2,030.00

One Bedroom (full kitchen) 644 sq. ft.$2,145.00

Two Bedroom (full kitchen) 930 sq. ft.$2,595.00

Two Bedroom Suite (B) 1165 sq. ft.$2,695.00


***$600.00 deposit required on apts less than 900 sq. feet

***$750.00 deposit required on apts more than 900 sq. feet

***Add $350 for 2nd person

Floor Plans

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